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Pergola is a small town in the upper Cesano Valley nestled deep in the green hills of the Marche region. Founded in 1234 by the inhabitants of Gubbio on land that had been settled since prehistory and rich in monuments that bear witness to the important role the town had in later periods as well.

In the historic downtown, with a medieval layout and characterized by stone buildings, there are a great number of finely constructed religious buildings that have earned the town the nickname of Pergoletta santa” (little holy Pergola). Worth visiting for the rich furnishings and the precious tapestries housed within their walls are the Cathedral and Church of St. Francis, both with 14th-century style architecture. The octagonal Church of Santa Maria delle Tinte is characteristic, built on commission of the Corporation of Dyers and Wool Merchants in their neighborhood.

During the Renaissance the Malatestas and Montefeltros fought bitterly for control over Pergola until it ended up under the duchy of Urbino. Duke Federico bestowed it with a powerful fortress, designed by the famous architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, of which just a few ruins remain on the hill that looms over the town.

It was only after the historic devolution of the duchy of Urbino to the Holy See (1631), that the town experienced the height of its economic growth, favored by Pope Benedict XIV, who decided to “promote” it to the status of city. Pergola was awarded the gold-medal for valorous rebirth for being the first town in the Marche region to rise up against the temporal power of the popes on September 8, 1860.


«Tra ‘ due liti d’Italia surgon sassi,
e non molto distanti a la tua patria,
tanto che’ troni assai suonan più bassi,

e fanno un gibbo che si chiama Catria,
di sotto al quale è consecrato un ermo,
che suole esser disposto a sola latria.»

Dante Alighieri


The Cesano Valley is a Marche Region valley which comes from Monte Catria down to the sea . Its territory is crossed by Cesano river running between the province of Ancona and the one of Pesaro e Urbino, Cesano Valley on line has been collecting tourist information for years on all the Municipalities of the valley which extends from Marotta to Frontone passing through Corinaldo and Pergola. Events, typical products, art, traditions, sport, nature and trails, history and all Pergola and whole Cesano Valley facilities. All this and many other curiosities about a territory still to be discovered.

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