Animavì - International Film Festival of Poetic Animation



Luan Xing Quan

3’10” (2016 – China)

The man of young one whom has gone somewhere, but he was confused. And the man of old one must have been suffered from something. Actually this is a memory of mine when I was in high school.

And I try to tell a feeling like that you were going on your way, but you knew nothing about next. When a daybreak came, dream disappeared, it was a new started.

May Hassan

1’46” (2016 – Egypt)

The film discusses what is it like to be a refugee and the struggle they face to be successful in the asylum country. In this video, you will set all differences aside and listen to a story of a human being who happened to become a refugee.

Shiva Sadegh Assadi

10’49” (2017 – Iran)

A young girl’s repressed emotions and instincts are embodied in some animals that come out of her dreams. However, no one in her family is receptive to these animals.

Jasmijn Cedée

2’22” (2016 – Belgium/Holland)

A playful and somewhat abstract handpainted animation with heaps of energy. A dedication to bicycle trackracing, made in honor of  ‘’t Kuipke ‘, a wooden indoor track in Ghent, Belgium, where the 6 days of racing are held since 1922.

Tomasz Siwinski

5’15” (2016 – Poland)

It is the story of Kazimierz Moczarski – a famous Polish journalist, a resistance officer  in  occupied Poland during WW2, author of a book called “Conversations with an  Executioner”.

The film in a metaphorical way tells the story of his life and his encounter with a Nazi  general – Jürgen Stroop, the liquidator of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Paulina Ziolkowska

12’15” (2017 – Poland)

Mother and son are changing places and roles constantly: once, the mother is an adult, sometimes son matures and takes care of suddenly childish mother. The arrangement works fine, until the boy.

Uri Kranot, Michelle Kranot

11’49” (2017 – Denmark/France )

It’s freezing cold in the city suburbs. Yet some people are gathering. I watch them form a row across the horizon. We are all waiting for something to happen. But nothing does…

We have gathered to witness an event. To participate in being seen. The spectacle of watching and being watched.

Naomi Van Niekerk

3’36” (2017 – South Africa)

A melancholic poetry film in black and white with sand and silhouettes. About the loss of a mother and a flawed relationship between daughter and child. Inspired by Jeanne Goosen’s eponymous poem, recited by the well-known SouthAfrican actress Elize Cawood, to the aria O mia babbino caro from Puccini’s opera Gianni Schicchi, in a legendary performance by Maria Callas (1955).

Thomas Corriveau

6’45” (2016 – Canada)

Two characters meet and confront each other in a merciless battle. The story is revealed through a profusion of black and white drawings, evoking an etching in perpetual movement. Brief gestures are repeated in loops, to the point of exhaustion. Obsessive and hypnotic.

Michaela Müller

10’34” (2017 – Croatia/Switzerland)

The film explores the borders between the right to freedom of movement and the restrictions national security requirements put on society.
In a modern day ariport, the flow of passengers is broken by sudden irreularities. Secutriy forces try to get to the cause of the disruption, the atmosphere turns menacing at the slightest anomaly. Tragedy and panic are always just one step away.

Xin Li

3’00” (2012 – China)

For a father it is never easy to say goodbye to his daughter. At the wedding, he gives his daughter away with his protection…

Anna Budanova

11’10″ (2016 – Russia)

This story is based on the ancient northern legend according to which the souls of the drowned people turn into sea animals. The Hunter steals seal-girl’s skin. So she can’t turn back into an animal. She becomes his wife, but more often glances at the sea.

Juliette Viger

7’37” (2015 – Denmark)

Sally, an introverted 15 year old girl, lives and bears with her wolf-father in the city of New York where Wolf is slipping more and more into his world of wilderness.
Sally still remembers the man he used to be; a brilliant and talented jazz trumpeter. Where did her father go? And can he still be found somewhere within the Wolf?

Andrew Katsuba

6’40” (2016 – Russia)

In a world of light the child seems to have no place, because for him this light means suffering and pain.

The Boy is once again forced outside his house. In the world of light he is like the shadow, desperatly trying to avoid it because for him this light is pain. And yet even he cannot escape it- the shining kids that are playing with a ball nearby notice him…

Pieter Coudyzer

2’45” (2017 – Belgium)

My Heart is Not Here is part of a collection of short painted films that aim to visualise simple concepts. In this particular film we see a sleeping man pass from one world to another.

Yulia Ruditskaya

11’00” (2017 – Belarus/Germany/USA )

The presence of the moon affects all under its glow. The film explores the lunar cycle and the energies invoked by its radiance. Based on the tale “The Witcher” by Alexey Tosltoy.


Francesco Ruggeri

animation and sound: Francesco Ruggeri
2’15” / Perf 2018

When a baby was born the fireplace used to be turned on for many hours during the day.
Searching the best place to nest, storks opted for the warmer chimney pot.
The myth that says storks bring babies comes from that.
But actually babies are the ones who bring storks: a baby is needed to get a mother.

Emanuela Bartolotti

direction drawings animation: Emanuela Bartolotti
Music: Daniela Diurisi
3’46” / 2017

A young woman goes through a sensory path giving it appearances of an imaginary forest.
Every single step, the fleeting shadow amongst leaves, or a sound barely heard, are references to the emotional world. An analysis in progress. A woman, a girl, a child, touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight.
Nature welcomes the sensory path of growth and memory.

Marica Maggiotti

animation: Marica Maggiotti
1’50” / Perf 2018

A journey begins, somebody prays for everything to go smoothly.
A buoy adrift, like the wheat of an empty crown. Somebody prays for the one who sees it to pick it up, but the one who can pick it up does not believe the one who is praying.

Andrea Bonetti

Sound animation direction: Andrea Bonetti
4’20” / Perf 2017

Reality, a sweet and light voice that can become a deafening sound in the moment we decide to listen to it.

Ahmed Ben Nessib

Drawings and direction: Ahmed Ben Nessib
Sound and music: Cosma Castellucci, Demetrio Castellucci
8’57” / EMCA Angouleme, Perf 2017

In a flooded house, a girl glimpses her reflection on the mirror. The reflection immediately fades away. Finding herself alone, she starts to look at the glasses.

Celeste Messina

animazione e suono: Celeste Messina
2’40” / Perf 2018

Io che sono umana
ti invito al timore del vuoto
che tale non si riconosce

a te lo confesso
ti prego di ascoltarlo

è un incontro frontale sulla soglia
necessaria a distinguerci
o forse specchio
questo nostro dialogo nero
che allaga e s’aggruma
in meccanica
simultanea durata

Caterina Montesi

animation: Caterina Montesi
sound: Niccolò Di Gregorio
4’24” / Perf 2016

Places continue to exist even when we leave them. What happens when we are no longer there?
Night time, we are in a residential area of an ordinary city. Nobody there. Unremarkable buildings, one after the other, we roam the streets, we get accustomed to this world. Nothing is happening, but we have the feeling that the action is taking place elsewhere, something mysterious, beyond our vision. We dwell on an ordinary condo, at n°14 of an ordinary street. We enter and go up, we are inside an ordinary apartment, but still nothing happens. Was this a dream?
N°14 is the preamble of a potential story, the premonition of something that might happen but happens not, the fantasy (or the paranoia) of an insomniac wiped out by the first morning lights.

Giorgia Basili

animazione: Giorgia Basili
2’45” / Perf 2018

Un ragazzo tenta di recuperare lo stivale della sorella caduto nel fiume.
Alla fine sarà lei a consolare lui dal senso di colpa per non avercela fatta.