Pierino Amedano (Pergola, 15 september 1931) Emigrant and miner.

Pierino Amedano

Franco Arminio (Bisaccia, 19 February 1960) Italian poet, writer and director. He works with several local and national newspapers, is a documentary filmmaker and animator of civil wars. He has shown the small towns of Italy and is artistic director of the village study festival, Festival della paesologia "La Luna e i Calanchi" in Aliano.

Franco Armino

Andrea Bajani. (Rome, August 16, 1975) Italian writer and journalist, Bajani won the 2011 Bagutta Prize for his novel Ogni Promessa (to be published in English as Every Promise by MacLehose Press).

Andrea Bajani

Luca Bergia (Marlene Kuntz) (Cuneo, 11 September 1968) Drummer and percussionist. Founder of the group Marlene Kuntz in 1989, together with Riccardo Tesio and Cristiano Godano. Their music includes collaboration with Patti Smith, Skin, Howie B, Rob Ellis, Greg Cohen, and Paolo Conte.

Luca Bergia

Valentina Carnelutti (Milano, 6 febbraio 1973) Actor, director and screen writer, who has worked with directors including Marco Tullio Giordana (The Best of Youth), Theo Angelopoulos (The Dust of Time), Paolo Virzì (Her Whole Life Ahead), and Citto Maselli (The Red Shadows).

Valentina Carnelutti

Max Casacci (Subsonica) (Turin, 11 October 1963) Guitarist, producer and founder of Subsonica. Also composer and author of most of the group’s lyrics, music producer and sound engineer.

Max Casacci

Liliana Fedeli. (Arcevia, 29 october 1929) Partisan

Liliana Fedeli

 Ascanio Celestini. (Rome, 1 June 1972) Stage actor, film director, screen writer and playwright. He is considered one of the most important representatives of new narrative theatre.

Ascanio Celestini

Erri De Luca (Naples 20 May 1950) Writer, poet, journalist and translator. His first novel, “Not now, not here”, was published in Italy in 1989. His books have been translated worldwide.

Erri De Luca

Nino De Vita (Marsala, 8 June 1950) Dialect writer and poet. Recognized as one of the most interesting and rigorous poetic voices of contemporary literature.

Nino De Vita

Goffredo Fofi (Gubbio, 15 April 1937) Writer, activist, journalist and Italian film, literary and theatre critic. Founder and director of the magazine “Lo Straniero”, and founder of the “Lo straniero” Prize.

Goffredo Fofi

Daniele Gaglianone (Ancona, 26 February 1966) Documentary and film maker who has won David di Donatello as well as awards from the Venice, Rotterdam and Turin film festivals.

Daniele Gaglianone

Gang. Established as Paper’s Gang at the end of the 1970s and inspired by the Clash, Gang is brothers Marino and Sandro Severini, for 30 years the most consistent and credible standard bearers of Italian folk-rock.


Valeria Golino (Naples, 22 october 1965) Actor, director, model and lead in many successful US films. During her career she has won 2 Coppe Volpi, 2 David di Donatello, 4 Nastri d'argento, 3 Golden Globes, and 3 Ciak d'oro.

Valeria Golino

Nastassja Kinski (Berlin, 24 January 1961) Actress and model. She has worked with Francis Ford Coppola, Wim Wenders, Roman Polanski and Marcello Mastroianni. Awarded with Palme d’or, Nastro d'argento and a Golden Globe

Nastassja Kinski

Emir Kusturica (Sarajevo, 24 november 1954) Filmmaker, actor and musician. He has been recognized for several internationally acclaimed feature films, he has twice won the Palme d'Or at Cannes.

Emir Kusturica 

La Macina. Folk group founded by Gastone Pietrucci in Monsano in 1968. More than forty years in the business, with the publication of sixteen LPs.

La Macina

Neri Marcoré (Porto Sant'Elpidio, 31 July 1966) Actor, comic, impersonator, voice actor, television host and Italian singer. Winner in 2003 of a Nastro d’argento for best actor.

Neri Marcoré

Mau Mau. Folk rock group established in 1991. They have toured all over Europe, North Africa, Japan, Iraq, and Palestine. In 1993 they won the Tenco award and in 1995, the Revelacion Internacional award at the BAM Festival in Barcelona.

Mau Mau

Laura Morante (Santa Fiora, 21 Agosto 1956) Actor and director who has worked with Nanni Moretti, Bernardo Bertolucci, Gabriele Salvatores, Paolo Virzì, Pupi Avati. Winner of a David di Donatello, 2 Nastri d’argento and 2 Golden Globes..

Laura Morante

Marco Paolini (Belluno, 5 March 1956) Actor, writer and director. His best known theatrical works include: Il racconto del Vajont (1993), I-TIGI Canto per Ustica (2000), Parlamento chimico. Storie di plastica (2002), Il Sergente (2004), and La macchina del capo (2009).

Marco Paolini

 Lyudmila Petrushevskaya (Moscow, 26 May 1938) She is regarded as one of Russia's most prominent contemporary writers and one of the most acclaimed in Eastern Europe. During her career, she received many important awards including the Alexander Pushkin Prize, in 1991.

Lyudmila Petrushevskaya

Umberto Piersanti (Urbino, 26 february, 1941) Poet, among the most important figures of twentieth century Italian literature, Piersanti was a nominee for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005.

Umberto Piersanti

 Alba Rohrwacher. (Florence, February 1979) Actor who has won 2 David di Donatello awards, 1 Nastro d’Argento, 2 Golden Globes and three Golden Ciak, a Volpi Cup, and 3 Premi Pasinetti awards.

Alba Rohrwacher

Francesco Scarabicchi (Ancona, 1951) Poet and translator who is also involved with literature and visual arts. His books include: L'esperienza della neve (2003) and L'ora felice (2010), Con ogni mio saper e diligentia. Stanze per Lorenzo Lotto (2013).

Francesco Scarabicchi

Silvio Soldini (Milan, 1° august 1958) Cultured, refined writer, since the beginning of the 1980s Soldini has gained a position at the forefront of Italian cinema, with his own inimitable, signature style.

Silvio Soldini

Oreste Tagnani (Frontone-Serra, 20 june 1934) Farmer.

Oreste Tagnani

Paolo Taviani (San Miniato, 8-11-1931) Award-winning directors and screenwriters, authors of films that are rich in poetic and political inspiration, founding their work on the close connection between realism and acting, moral tension and melodrama, reason and vision.

Paolo Taviani

Miklós Vámos (Budapest, 29 January 1950) Award-winning Hungarian writer, novelist, screenwriter, translator and talkshow host, he has published 33 books.

Miklós Vámos

Daniele Vicari. (Collegiove, 26 February 1967) Director and screenwriter. In 2012, with the film Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood he was joint winner of the Audience Award at the Berlin film festival and also won four David di Donatello awards

Daniele Vicari

Emily Jane White (San Francisco, USA, 1982) Songwriter, pianist and guitarist. Emily’s songwriting is at once generous and tough-minded, reflective and unsentimental.

Emily Jane White

 Massimo Zamboni (Reggio Emilia, 27 January 1957) Musician and writer. Ex-guitarist and songwriter with the group CCCP and subsequently CSI, considered one of Italy’s foremost rock groups in the '80s and ’90s

Massimo Zamboni

Modena City Ramblers is an Italian band born in 1991. They define themselves as a “combat- folk” band, to declare their unconditional love for irish folk, combined with a punk rock attitude.

Modena City Ramblers

Mauro Teardo, aka Teho Teardo is an italian musician and composer. Well known thanks to great works on film soundtracks. He won David di Donatello and Ennio Morricone Prize in 2009 for the soundtrack of the film “Il Divo” by Paolo Sorretino. In 2013 he started a successful cooperation with Blixia Bargeld, founder and singer in the band Einsturzende Neubaten.

Teho Teardo

Ninetto Davoli an Italian artist with remarkable sensitivity, has worked with the most important Italian film makers. He was born in Calabria and grew up in Roma, in the shantytown Borghetto Prenestino, near Prenestina Street. With a charming personality, the typical Roman way of speaking and his sincere smile, he was discovered by Pier Paolo Pasolini who initially assigned him a non-speaking role in the film “Il Vangelo secondo Matteo” (1964). He then chose him as co-star, next to Totò, in the film “Uccellacci e uccellini” (1966) and later in the episodes La Terra vista dalla Luna ( “Le streghe”, 1967) and Che cosa sono le nuvole? (“Capriccio all’italiana, 1968).

Ninetto Davoli

Sokurov has won many international prizes; among them, four FIPRESCI prizes, two Tarkovskij prizes, Russian State Prize, Vatican Third Millenium Prize, and Golden Lion in Venice for Faust, the fourth film of his tetralogy about power. In 1995 the European Film Academy declared Aleksander Sokurov one of the best film directors of the word.

Aleksandr Sokurov

Veraldo Preziosi. (Pergola, 9 september 1929) Farmer

Veraldo Preziosi

Gino Strada. (21 April 1948, Sesto San Giovanni, Province of Milan, Italy) Italian war surgeon. Gino Strada started out as emergency surgeon at Milan General Hospital. After working in Italy, he decided in 1988 to devote his experience in emergency surgery to assist and cure war casualties. From 1989 to 1994 he worked with Geneva's international Red Cross. In the spring of 1994, together with a group of coworkers and friends, he founded Emergency, in Milan. This organization has since then offered free care to more than 9 million victims of wars, spanning from antipersonnel mines to poverty. Gino Strada was awarded with several prizes and credits, among the others the Right Livelihood Award, the so-called alternative Nobel, in 2015 ,and the Sunhak peace prize in 2017.

Gino Strada

Stefano Savona (Palermo, 1969). Director of documentaries, he dedicated his work as a documentary filmmaker to the issues of immigration and the reception of minorities fighting for freedom. His films have been awarded at Cannes (2018), Nastri d'Argento (2012), the David di Donatello Award (2012) and Locarno (2009).

Stefano Savona

Walter Valentini (Pergola, 1928). Former partisan, recognized artist at international level in the field of graphics and engraving. Teaches engraving art at the "New Academy of Fine Arts"of Milan, of which he was also director, from 1983 to 1985.

Walter Valentini

Wim Wenders, (Düsseldorf, 14 August 1945), is a German film director, screenwriter and producer. A leading exponent of the new German cinema, he met international success by directing films such as The State of Things, Alice in the Cities, Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire, which earned him numerous international awards. Golden Palm at Cannes in 1984, he also received the Honorary Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 2015

Wim Wenders

Donata Wenders was born in Berlin in 1965. She studied Film and Theatre in Berlin and Stuttgart from 1984 to 1989. Donata Wenders has been working as a photographer since 1995. In 2006, Prestel published her book Islands of Silence, presenting a wide selection of her work. Donata Wenders has also published several books together with her husband Wim Wenders. Her photographs have been published internationally and illustrated CD covers. Since 2007, Donata Wenders also regularly runs photography workshops. Donata Wenders lives and works together with her husband in Berlin.

Donata Wenders